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Workout, Dance, Make New Friends & Unleash Yourself.

A high intensity full body cardio workout & dance set to the tune of Afrobeats music that burns calories and improves overall health.

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Your Body, the Way You Want It

Afrofit  is a new high-intensity cardio workout in Afrobeats that blast your core, improve all-over muscles tone and lift your heart rates. Burn 1200 calories, learn African dance and workout to the beat. Unleash yourselves and be free.

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Helps to combat anxiety and Stress.

stimulates the brain cells and sleeping patterns.

Increases oxygen circulation around the body and also increases alertness and mental performance.

A Rebound fun exercise that burns more calories than running.

Helps stimulates the lymphatic system which renders the body off toxins which can make you sluggish.

  • A full body high-intensity cardio workout and dance in Afrobeats.

    Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat

  • Learn the basic steps of afrobeats in our 1hour choreography session.

    Wed, Fri, Sun

  • Create a stronger love bond between your kids in our 1hour Afro dance.

    Thu, Sat

  • A free trial session of Afrofitness and dance for beginners.

    Tue, Thu, Sat


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